Christmas can’t come early enough with these three Christmas activities!

Christmas can’t come early enough with these three Christmas activities!

There’s no doubt that teambuilding activities increase the commitment of your employees. But you might need a little convincing before you believe that teambuilding will also awaken the Christmas spirit in your company. And we are all happy to help you with that. We have dressed three of our most popular concepts in winter clothing so that you can make a huge success of your end-of-year party!

Battle of the Tables – Chrismas edition

You might love the idea of a classic Christmas dinner, but of course, you want it to be interactive. Battle of the Tables is the interactive dinner game that makes full use of iPad tablets and digital technology. A very flexible, fully personalised and carefully worked-out activity to promote team spirit, played during a fantastic Christmas dinner! We will completely transform the room with Christmas decorations and provide your guests with a number of questions and assignments that are all related to Christmas. A classic Christmas dinner, but at the same time, it’s not quite what you’re used to!

Quickfire Christmas

Anyone who’s a fan of playful activities will be a fan of Quickfire Christmas. Quickfire is a fun mix of mental, active and creative challenges. From Father Christmas himself, every team is given a heap of equipment and a tablet full of festive challenges. All challenges demand a different approach and have a different level of difficulty. Watch the Christmas spirit grow as time ticks away!

Toy factory

How would you like to help Father Christmas out with preparations for Christmas? With our Toy Factory, you make, create and personalise toys yourself. Afterwards, you’re free to donate them to a good cause. After all, giving gifts is a part of Christmas, isn’t it? Together with your team, you’ll put your arts-and-crafts skills to the test, creating toys before enjoying the happiness and appreciation from the children who receive your handiwork. Father Christmas will be grateful too!

Don’t hesitate to contact us for one of these activities, because before you know it, the Christmas spirit will be spreading across the country.