Biomérieux - 60th anniversary celebration

Event Masters took the lead in orchestrating a standout three-day international seminar in the dynamic city of Antwerp for BioMérieux. This seminar served as a pivotal gathering in conjunction with BioMérieux’s 60th anniversary celebration. Insightful sales meetings were enriched by the sharing of innovative ideas and industry best practices.

The celebration of BioMérieux’s milestone anniversary was no subdued affair; it was marked by a lavish 60’s retro beach party at Strantwerpen, infusing the event with a vibrant atmosphere. But the experience didn’t end there. Our Teambuilding colleagues added another layer to the seminar by organizing the Go Team city game, where 130 participants had the opportunity to explore and appreciate the intricacies of Antwerp.

This impactful gathering not only served as a platform for professional growth but also as a celebration of BioMérieux’s rich history and contributions to the field. With a perfect blend of education, celebration, and exploration, the seminar offered a well-rounded and deeply enriching experience for all attendees.

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