Go Team

You’ve never discovered a city this way before!

Go Team is an interactive city game. Various teams compete against each other in an exciting journey of discovery that’s full of challenges.
Amount of people: 15 to 500
Timing: Maximum 2h30
Location: Various cities in Belgium and abroad

Every team is given an iPad to take with them on their adventure. The discovery of a city – with its stories and anecdotes – is more important than winning the game. The players need to stay in contact with each other, talk, exchange strategies and send photos from their iPads.

Everyone comes back together at the end point, as indicated on the interactive map. The scores are announced and the winning team receives their prize.

City: discovery
Challenging: competition
Technical skills: new technologies
Brand awareness
Risk management
Practical leadership/entrepreneurship
Negotiating skills
CSR corporate responsibility
Cross functional: co-operation
Communication: strategy
Challenging competition: values personalisation
Exploring excellence
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