Global Innovation Game

Innovation taking a step-by-step approach

Amount of people: 10 to 500
Timing: Minimum of 45 minutes, a maximum of 2 hours
Location: In your buildings or at a location of your choosing
Game Play

The Global Innovation Game is designed from the need to step away from the busy day-to-day technological world. The concept goes back to basics: let everyone speak openly, innovate and create new ideas without online influence, webtools or PowerPoint presentations full of flashing images.


The teams invest with our banker in the idea that appeals to them the most. They need to convince as many investors as possible. The top three teams are the ones that have brought in the most money.

Challenging competition
Communication Strategy
Learning & Development
Energizer Conference
Brainstorming technique
Brand Awareness
Technological Skills
Risk management
Negotiation skills
Exploring Excellence
Practical leadership
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