Chain Reaction

Create a chain reaction with the most ridiculous objects.

Amount of people: 10 to 500
Timing: 2 hours
Location: IIn your building or an (inside) location of your choosing
Game Play:

Equipped with a game board and a set of game cards, the participants work in teams, but share information and resources with other teams. They need to develop a strategy to make a creative series of machines. When the participants move further into the planning and building phase, they become more aware of what they can achieve as a group, resulting in a feeling of closeness and of having achieved a communal goal. Communication between the teams is crucially important!


After the machines are constructed, tested and joined together, everyone waits for the start of the chain reaction … You can actually feel the tension! Once the reaction successfully reaches its conclusion, there is a feeling of euphoria in achieving a communal goal.

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