Puppet Masters

Essential communication

Amount of people: 15 to 500
Timing: Maximum of 3 hours
Location: In your buildings or at a location of your choosing

Work with your team to build a gigantic marionette. The ultimate communication test in which teams move the giant marionette to copy – seemingly – simple human movements.

Every team is given a construction packet and an instruction booklet. After thoughtfully dividing the tasks, everyone starts work. Measuring, drawing, cutting, checking and putting the marionette together. After the building process, it’s time to give the puppet the right clothes and decoration.

When the marionette is finished, it’s time for the difficult task of making it move like a real person. The whole team is needed to direct the marionette. Communication and practice will be central.

Collaboration: uniting teams
Brainstorming technique: reflection & action
Exploring excellence
Challenging: competition