Corporate bodybuilding

Create your image

Amount of people: 60 to 5000
Timing: Maximum 1h30
Location: At your buildings or a location of your choosing

Let your colleagues team up and work together to portray a part of a gigantic logo or the letters of a word. This activity is an energiser that will make your employees aware of the unique roles they play in the company culture. And you have a great photo and video of their efforts once it’s finished.

Game Play

The company logo is recreated on the ground. For each letter (or section of an image), a team is made and a team captain announced. Everyone then needs to work together and play their parts correctly. The human interaction process of Corporate Bodybuilding will definitely break the ice and literally bring people closer together.

Once everyone is in position, a photo of the living logo is taken from above. This way, there will be eternal, undeniable proof that everyone plays a role in the organisation.

Brand awareness
Challenging competition: values personalisation
Cross functional: co-operation
Brainstorming technique: reflection & action
Collaboration: uniting teams
Exploring excellence