Welcome to the post-corona era

Change – Welcome to the post-corona era

Almost every week, we’ve received the same demand from clients for activities around the theme of “change”. To observe, test and experience whether their team would be resilient enough for any upcoming changes. Change became a buzzword for teambuilding. Little did we know that such a huge amount would change in March 2020.

Changes are no longer exceptions for a team

2020 has given everyone a vigorous wake-up call. Around the world today, every team, every company, is subject to substantial changes. At the same time, it is clear that “change” is the only thing that is always constant. Change is no longer a challenge, it is our daily DNA. It is no longer a question of resilience to upcoming structural changes, but about how a team is able to surf the increasingly turbulent waves of societal, technological or social adaptations.

“We’re not living in an era of change, but in a change of era.“
~ J.Rotmans, Professor of transition science

“Can my team cope with constant changes?” You formulate the answer yourself. It lies not in the term “change”, but in the term “team”.

Sociologist Patrick Lencioni makes a clear distinction between a group of people and a team of people. In the latter, people know each other, are concerned about each other, can assess and appreciate each other’s value, trust each other and hold each other accountable.

How does your company deal with change?

How have you and your colleagues dealt with the period of lockdown and possibly fewer activities or greater challenges? Did you have frequent (virtual) contact? Was it still about business activities? Did you seek out time to get to know your colleagues from a different angle? Provide a listening ear where needed? Did you have team activities to keep everyone somewhat together? In other words: could you still call yourselves a “team” even though there was no longer any physical group?

Because that must be the solution to our daily challenges: the “I” and “YOU”. The value of each individual in itself. A sum of qualities, interests and experiences which each have their own place in the team. The feeling “we need each other” can only exist when it is clear who the “we” is. And suddenly the word “teambuilding” also takes on a different meaning. Or returns to its original meaning. It depends how you look at it.

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