Corporate Event Trends 2023

Whether you are an event planner, supplier, venue manager or manager. You just have to be
up to date on these corporate event trends. Events have undergone a lot of changes in the
last few years. On top of that, we are still dealing with the aftermath of the pandemic. In this
blog, we’ll take a closer look at some corporate event trends.

Live events are back, but what about hybrid and online events?

By now we can be sure of it: live events are back. More than ever, connection is at the top of
the agenda and companies are busy planning their events. With the return of these live
events though, there are things you need to consider as an event planner – now more than

For some time now, we have been anticipating that they would be easing up on the rules and therefore on the return of live events. That’s why a lot of event venues have been booked for a long time. Some postponed and canceled events have yet to take place. That’s why there is a rush on event venues, so it’s best to book everything early. But this recommendation doesn’t just apply to venues, it’s also best to book other services like lighting and sound and entertainment before their calendars get overbooked.

But will it only be live? We are evolving more toward an event approach where there is no distinction between hybrid, online, virtual or live events. One size does not fit all. And event organizers will simply have to choose the format that best suits their client and their participants. Know your target audience applies here more than ever.

Focus on safety with micro-events as a result

We expect a strong shift to more small-scale events. This is not a recent development, it was just amplified by the Covid pandemic. With micro-events, you lower your risks and you get a more “manageable” audience. For example, imagine a roadshow concept where you organize an event in different places but under one overarching theme. That way, you also create a longer lifeline for your event and it’s not over right away. Micro-events also have the advantage of improving the interaction between visitors.

Sustainability is a must

The demand for eco-friendly and sustainable events will only increase. Organizers need to be ready for this and have the right tools in their hands. When you organize an event, reuse as many materials as possible or create a social impact by providing donations. Choose eco- friendly hotels and venues or go for a zero waste catering concept.

How you travel to an event has the biggest impact on an event’s carbon footprint. You will also have to counter this or come up with a creative solution for it. Perhaps organize smaller events on a more frequent basis in multiple venues that are closer to the target audience.

Accessibility and diversity

The target group of your event is not homogeneous. Everyone is different and will have a different identity when they put their feet under the table at your event. This will be implemented more and more strategically in an event strategy. Make your events inclusive. And not just the event itself, but the entire before and after process.

Think about accessibility as well. Can anyone participate in the event? Think of people in a wheelchair or people who speak a different language. Provide subtitles or translation or ask at registration how you can assist people with disabilities.

Events need to make an emotional impact

Topics like well-being and connection will be higher on the agenda in the coming years. The covid crisis brought more attention to work-life balance and this will also be reflected in events. So choose themes or workshops that have to do with flexible ways of working, dealing with burnout, work-life balance or other related topics.

Events that trigger an emotional response will create better engagement. People want to feel something, so events need to embrace authenticity and make an emotional impact.

While these are some of the 2023 corporate event trends to keep an eye on, there is no guarantee that they will all materialize. Who knows, there may be some other trends that emerge too and it’s now more important than ever to be flexible and ready for change.

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